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The Price Range

   This price range is an option for you
   to choose from. The price is not
   solely based on X rating as we
   factor in amount of work we put into
   your hat. Ultra smooth beaver with
   irregular shape costs the most. The
   hat that require the least amount of
   work cost the less. Either way you're
   getting 100% beaver hat. It's a
   matter of choosing how sharp you
   want your hat to look and feel.
   Contact us and we'll work with you.

   Our Price range vary from $450 to
plus shipping and insurance.
   We do not use anything less than
   100% beaver felt. Unlike other hat
   companies we don't even bother
   with mixture of rabbit hair felts.

   The price range may vary from one
   customer to the other because of
   different preferences, style, and
   additions. Some like it plain and
   simple but some appreciate very decorative hat. The headband choice also
   vary from one customer to the other. Different hat shapes also vary in time
   requirement for creasing, shaping and forming.

   Instead of setting up "one size fits all" price list for you we want you to be
   able to pay for what you're really getting, at face value. We believe in
   paying for what we are getting therefore our customers are entitled to the
   same principles. This is our definition of a truly customized hat. When you
   think about a "Code Of West" hat we want you think about us in the same

   Contact us and we'll work on your hat criterias and provide you with a price
   quote without any obligations. We know that you will only place an order if
   you are content and happy with what you're paying for.

   Shipping Information - We do not ship our hats in cardboard boxes the way
   most custom hat companies does it. We ship all of our hats out in a protective
   hat carriers at no extra cost because we value our customers and the
   investment they make.

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