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Ordering & Making Payments

Hatter    Once you have completed our free online
   inquiry form, we will be contacting you by
   telephone or email to discuss details and
   price with you.

   And if you make the decision to place an
   order we will be listing your name on our
   waiting list and contact you again to let
   you know when we are ready to work on
   your hat.

   Prior to working on your hat we will
   require a minimum deposit of at least
   $225 to insure the head measurement.
   You will receive an email from us
   requesting for a payment through
   paypal. You do not need to have an
   account with paypal to make a payment.

   When you receive the head
   measurement kit along with an
   instruction you will measure your head
   and return them to us before we begin building your hat. In the event you do
   not return the head measurement kit you will have forfeited your initial
   deposit, which will be used to purchase a new kit to replace the one that we
   lose. The head measurement kit is made of wood and is not cheap. They
   come from British Columbia, Canada so they are not easily replaced. Your
   cooperation on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

   Once we receive the head measurement kit back from you we will order your
   beaver felt and begin building your hat, which may take several weeks or
   more, depending on availability of color felt you have chosen. And remember,
   we do not use any kind of machine when we build your hat therefore it takes
   us some time to build you a quality hat that you will never forget. We will
   let you know when your hat is being shipped and provide you with a tracking

   The ultimate goal here is to make it a smooth transaction for you and us.

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