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Hat Making

Hatter    This one of our two conformateurs dated
   1821 was acquired from M. F. Vega, Moreno of
   Argentina, South America where Vaquero hats
   were popular. Conformateur is used to
   measure one's head shape and form prior to
   using formillion.

   This vintage conformateur are placed on
   customers head for precise measurement.
   Our other conformateur came from a vinitage
   hatter company in Italy. Each conformateurs
   came with their companion "sister" tool known
   as Formillion as seen below.

   A piece of paper is placed inside the frame
   prior to taking measurement of one's head
   shape and form.

Hatter    The conformateur is then placed upon one's
   head and worn the way they would wear a
   hat whether it's tilted left, right, forward, back
   or straight. The lid with a piece of paper inside
   the frame is then closed for pinning.

Hatter    The lid of the Conformateur is then lifted with
   the circled pin markings on the paper, which is
   an exact reflection of shape and form of one's
   measured head. The Conformateur is removed
   from the head and the piece of paper is
   removed from the conformateur. A scissor is
   used to clip around the pin markings as we
   preserve the inner circle and discard the
   rest of the paper.

Hatter    The inner piece of paper known as the
   measured piece is then placed on the inside
   center of a Formillion. Each piece wooden
   pegs of the formillion are pushed inward, one
   piece at a time until each one of them meet
   the edge of the measured piece. After we've
   made the complete circle with each pegs on
   the very edge of the paper, we then begin to
   lock the shape with built in vise. Once it is
   locked the outside shape will match the shape
   of one's head in a very precise manner. It will
   match the exact shape of the measured head.

Hatter    The Formillion is then flipped onto the other
   side and fitted into a custom hat. We shape
   and form the hat to make sure that the hat
   and the shape of the Formillion are exactly the
   same. When the hat is worn it will fit your
   head in a very precise way, the perfect snug

   Beside these marvelous Conformateurs and
   Formillions that we use we also use 100 years
   old or older hatter tools for really unique and
   customized quality hats. We crease your hat
   into vintage 100 years old wooden hat blocks
   and shape them according to your choice of
   style and taste. What you see here may not
   be done elswehere we are not into mass-
   production of western hats. We build one hat
   at a time and complete them in order to earn
   your 100% satisfaction, which is guaranteed.

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